About Doug Klassen

2017 brings Doug a milestone . . . his 30th year in the ad industry, and he has seen a lot of things change, most for the better. His experience and perspective is cultured through the different types of positions he has held in that time span. From printing, to public relations, to graphic design and advertising, he has seen and done a lot. "There's still so much to learn," he says, and welcomes the opportunity to do just that, but cherishes most his opportunities to teach what he has learned to others coming up in the profession. Married for 28+ years to his wife Kandice, and now with 3 grown children, they spend their free time hanging out with friends and hosting fun events of all kinds. Doug also enjoys trail running and races competitively with a few local circuits on select weekends when he and Kandice are not traveling.

Direct Mail Is Not Dead

Did you know . . . Direct mail and the printed word is still the most widely accepted and trusted form of information and advertising available today? Yes, it's true! Even in our highly saturated digital world, direct mail is more memorable and the information is retained by the recipient longer than TV, radio, [...]