About Michael Jaber

Since 1988, Advantage has produced successful Automotive Direct Marketing campaigns with hundreds of Dealers, OEMs and Dealer Groups across the USA including Chrysler Group LLC, Toyota Motor Sales, Penske Auto Group, Berkshire Hathaway, David Wilson & Hendrick Group Dealerships. Focusing on New and Reactivated Lost Customers, Advantage combines eMail, Direct Mail, Live Operator Calls, Video Landing Pages and Online Behavior Tracking to connect Dealers with Active Web Shoppers demonstrating ready to buy behavior. Google Analytic and additional tools provide full transparency to all aspects of the Dealers campaign and verify significant lifts in engaged traffic to the Dealers web site where shoppers request additional information through lead generating features built into their Advantage campaign. Dealers also receive protected territories and a simple performance guarantee for the ROI of their campaign.

Brian Pasch Interviews Video Email Provider Advantage Dealer Services

Automotive marketing and the online shopping experience is in constant evolution.  For online consumers, "transparency is intoxicating" and it forces dealers to make a buyers' journey as simple and transparent as possible. And that's exactly what Advantage achieves for dealers with Video eCampaigns and the SmartTrade solution.  In a recent interview with Brian Pasch, host [...]