Automotive marketing and the online shopping experience is in constant evolution.  For online consumers, “transparency is intoxicating” and it forces dealers to make a buyers’ journey as simple and transparent as possible. And that’s exactly what Advantage achieves for dealers with Video eCampaigns and the SmartTrade solution.  In a recent interview with Brian Pasch, host of Auto Marketing Now on the CBT Network, Brian describes Advantage campaigns as “a whole new breath of fresh air” that drives quality leads and showroom traffic for dealers.

Dealers need to know that more than 60% of consumers consider a dealership’s Internet image to be an indication of their in-store experience.  This means that to get more shoppers’ feet on the ground, a dealership first has to persuade the consumer it’ll be worth it — you have to create an online user experience that removes as many obstacles as possible.  Obstacles like those pesky old long-form Trade-In Value platforms from the 90’s that have bounce rates as high as 80%.

The Advantage SmartTrade solution is a Win-Win for consumers and dealers alike.  Consumers see that the dealership has a desirable sales process that’s easy, engaging, and offers them significant value through sales tax savings.  Meanwhile, dealers are given the confidence to move forward with transactions that may have previously caused difficulty — if the dealer decides a SmartTrade vehicle doesn’t fit within their inventory mix, SmartTrade buys the vehicle and eliminates potential wholesale loss or frozen capital for the dealer.

Include this user-friendly, transparent way of helping online shoppers in your new customer Internet marketing!  Your customers (and your bottom line!) will thank you. Click HERE to watch our Brian Pasch interview today and contact Andrew Corless or Jeremy McRee at Advantage Dealer Services (888-844-6103) for your free web demo.



A Bit About Advantage Dealer Services

Advantage Dealer Services helps clients generate sales by delivering a consistent message across multiple marketing channels. That means effectively reaching potential buyers along their purchase paths. Whether it’s email, a display ad, video, or a live call, Advantage helps you be there when buyers are looking.